In acknowledging that wave parks by their nature are relatively power consumptive, our goal at every stage of the Birmingham project has been to design a wave park that is as environmentally responsible as we can make it, within the bounds of economic good sense.

In Wavegarden’s Cove, we believe that we have chosen the most energy efficient wave generator in its class. In addition, our aim is for the power that we consume to have been sustainably generated, and we have engaged specialist power consultants to help us in this quest, as well as in achieving our goal of carbon neutrality. We further plan to mitigate the amounts of power that we pull from the grid through self-generation via solar and the use of ground source and / or air source heat pumps.

In order to further mitigate power consumption, where feasible we’ll employ Passivhaus principles in the design and construction of our hub building to deliver an attractive and efficient space.

Water consumption has again been a major factor in our choice of Wavegarden’s Cove technology and we’ll further mitigate water consumption through recycling of grey water within our hub building and effective on-site water storage.